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A flag is a piece of fabric, often rectangular or rectangular, with a distinctive design and colours. A symbol is used for a signaling device or decoration. Flags also refer to the graphic design used. In addition, flags have become a general tool for basic signaling and identification, especially in environments where communication is difficult (such as the marine environment where the semaphore is used). The science that studies flags is called “vexillology”.
Flags are produced in different types according to their intended use and areas of use. The types of flags produced by considering many parameters such as indoor or outdoor use, fabric structure, size or shape are as follows:


1. State Flag , Outdoor Flag , Digital Printed Flags

Send flags are rectangular flags that are waved at the top of a pole called send in official institutions. They are generally produced according to outdoor features. In addition to hoisting state flags, corporate companies can also have send flags. You can order special production send flags from our Fors Bayrak company. There are horizontal and vertical models.  WHATSAP CONTACT:  +905419104795 & WEB: https://www.forsbayrak.com

2. Office Pennant , Indoor Flags 

The flags used in official or institutional authorities are the ones used in the offices and the language is the flags used in the demonstrations. The official pennant has the feature of representing political parties, consumers, private or official businesses.

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3. Beach Flag , Drop Flag

Dış mekanlarda veya iç mekanlarda reklam amacıyla kullanılan bayraklardır. Beach Flag, bayrak, bayrağın bağlandığı bir direk (esnek) ve dengede durmasını sağlayan su bidonundan oluşur. Yapısı kullanılacağı yere göre farklı tasarımlarda olabilmektedir.

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4. Table Flags

It is possible to see the use of table flags in private institutions and organizations due to being the face of a certain purpose. You can see many different variations of these flag types. The use of table flags is highly preferred, especially in order to advertise in a certain area.

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5. Hand Flags

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Streamer is an important advertising tool. The reason why flags are effective in advertising and promotion can be given as an example of their concise and sensitive expression. The flag is divided into two main sections to be used indoors and outdoors according to its usage areas. In the field of corporate identity, the flag still maintains its leadership. As a manufacturer, it continues to create the sectoral address and identity of companies that want to make corporate advertisements. This is because it needs to reflect their corporate identity in order to become stronger in the sector and to distinguish them from their competitors.


6. String Flag , Bunting

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These flags, which are generally preferred for decoration purposes, also have the ability to make your advertisement in the best way. In this respect, we can say that the usage areas of stringed flags are very diverse. You may encounter flags strung on a string during discount times in stores, in your daily life or during the opening of new venues. Apart from these, stringed flags are often preferred to decorate schools on public holidays. Panels and windows are decorated with these flags.

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